Tampa Auto Accident Statistics [Infographic]

February 12th • 3 min read

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States the traffic fatality rate is 11.1 deaths per 100,000 residents; however, that same statistic for the city of Tampa is actually 12.6 deaths per 100,000 residents, making Tampa one of the more dangerous cities in which to drive. Learning about the dangers of Tampa roads can help keep you more focused and aware while you're behind the wheel, making you a safer driver, and that is good for everyone.

Below you will find an array of statistics regarding Hillsborough County and Tampa auto accidents (as well as other accident types). We hope these sobering statistics will keep you from ever losing focus while driving.

Tampa Auto Accident Statistics Infographic

Tampa Auto Accidents Infographic

Tampa Crashes, Fatalities and Injuries By the Numbers

Hillsborough County ranks as one of the leading counties in all of Florida for number of auto crashes, fatalities, and injuries. Let's take a look at the overall crash statistics provided by FLHSMV:


  • Total Crashes: 27,909
  • Total Fatalities: 191
  • Total Injuries: 20,682


  • Total Crashes: 27,660
  • Total Fatalities: 228
  • Total Injuries: 21,380


  • Total Crashes: 25,967
  • Total Fatalities: 190
  • Total Injuries: 19,889

3 Year Average

  • Total Crashes: 28,202
  • Total Fatalities: 198
  • Total Injuries: 20,725

Tampa's Most Dangerous Roads

With the number of accidents increasing in the Tampa area almost every year, it is important to know on which roads you need to be extra careful! 

  • Interstate-4 (I-4) - 1.41 fatalities per mile. This deadly highway has been named as one of the top 10 of the most dangerous highways in the country for over 8 years. 
  • Fletcher Avenue – From Armenia Avenue to 50th Street. Accidents involving pedestrians are common. In fact, Central Florida was named as one of the deadliest places to be a pedestrian.
  • Dale Mabry Highway - On this dangerous roadway, you’ll encounter pedestrian issues, lack of bike lanes and a lot of accidents at intersections. A lack of proper signaling and high speeds are the cause of many of these accidents.
  • Hillsborough Avenue - This stretch of road that runs to Longboat Boulevard and Florida Avenue has been connected to 19.8 crashes per mile. You will want to be on high alert when traveling on this roadway.

Other Types of Tampa Accidents

Occasionally, Tampa auto accidents include other vehicles and even pedestrians. Data provided reflects statistics for Hillsborough County in 2018.

Total Bicycle Crashes – 519 Total Bicycle Fatalities – 10

Total Motorcycle Crashes – 628 Total Motorcycle Fatalities – 29

Total Pedestrian Crashes – 625 Total Pedestrian Fatalities – 54

Whether you are walking on Tampa roads or sidewalks, biking, motorcycling, or driving in a car, it is important to be aware of the potential for accidents all around you, and if you or a loved one have been an unfortunate victim of one of these accidents, it is important to see an experienced auto accident doctor as soon as possible to address and document your injuries. Top Injury Doctors can help you find the best Tampa auto accident doctor near you.

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